Hockey Brisbane Association (Men & Women)

Welcome to the Hockey Brisbane Association (Men & Women) Members Registration. 

This includes all new and past Players, Club Coaches, Managers & Umpires, Social Members, Life Members and other Non-Playing Officials of BRISBANE MEN'S AND BRISBANE WOMEN'S HOCKEY ASSOCIATIONS


**Very Important: must have the web browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 & Higher"

1. NB: If you are registering more than 1 person at a time BUT to different Clubs, you MUST complete the first person for the 1st Club, submit & pay, exit that registration then start a new registration in the new Club (or you will be all registered to the 1 Club!)

2. If you were previously registered with a Club last year, please click on LOGIN (right corner)  and use your email and password to log on.  If you have forgotten your password, click on FORGOTTEN YOUR PASSWORD and you will be sent details on what to do next.  When you are logged into the system, your name will appear to the RIGHT (replacing LOGIN).  Now click on RENEW, choose your Club and complete the remaining details.

3. With the new system, all family members can be linked to 1 email address.  The system chooses the main “Host” person and all family members under the same email are linked to this person.  When you go in to register a player in 2019, the Host person’s details will appear.  Remember if you are registering family members to different Clubs you MUST exit the first registration and start a new one using the same email address.

4. WHEN this is not the person you want to register ->  select RENEW next to the person you want to register and continue with the registration process. 

5. At the end you will be asked if you wish to register another member.  You do that now (if registering to the same Club) or if no one else is to be registered then submit your registration.

6. If you are a New Player or Club Official, go to REGISTRATION, choose your Club and complete the new registration form.

7. Please Note - BWHA MASTERS PLAYERS - who are primary registered with 1 Club but wish to player for another Club within the BWHA Monday Master competition, they must register with the second Club under the Subscription Type "Monday Masters - Secondary Registration" so the player will not pay a 2nd Hockey Qld Fee component.  Clubs must make sure all borrowed Goal Keepers are registered with the Club they fill in for.

8. Secondary Dual Registration (must be 15 by January 1 2019 & not primary BWHA), must register with their primary Club first then complete the another registration with the Dual Club, noting the player will not pay a 2nd Hockey Qld Fee component in the BWHA competition.

9.  If you are moving Club or Association, you MUST get your "new" Club Administrator to request your player history transfer request from your previous Club.  Do not register with your new Club until this has been completed or you will have duplicate records in the system.