Palmerston North Weightlifting Club

Welcome to the Palmerston North Weightlifting Club Membership Portal

Thank you for your interest in affiliating with the Palmerston North Weightlifting Club (PNWC) for 2020.
Please read carefully the information below on how to complete your membership.

Membership Details

Please click the 2020 Membership Details tab above to familiarise yourself with the membership options available to you. 


Membership Registration

Step 1: Click the Registration tab above
Step 2: Choose your Membership Option
Step 3: Insert User Information to create your login details
Step 4: Answer all questions and accept the Declaration
Step 5: Pay your affiliation fees
Step 6: Receive your confirmation of your 2020 PNWC membership
Step 7: If required, you can update your membership details with the login you created for MYPLATFORM

Note: If you were registered with OWNZ or PNWC in 2019 you should be able to use those details to log in and register with PNWC in 2020.


Affiliating with OWNZ

Please note that as a member of PNWC you must also register with OWNZ to be eligible to compete, or officiate, in our OWNZ sanctioned weightlifting competitions.
You can register with OWNZ by clicking here
Please ensure you select Palmerston North Weightlifting Club as your club when registering with OWNZ.


New to Competition?

Check out the following article, written by our Club President, covering some of the basics of competition coaching by clicking the link below:


What is the PNWC all about?

The PNWC Values document can be found at this link.

An explanation of the PNWC logo can be found at this link.



If you have any questions, fire us an email: