Coatesville - Branch

Welcome to the Coatesville Pony Club online registration page. 

This new online registration will allow quick and easy registration each year with a login to renew.  Register for each member of the club separately under the members name.   Complete the correct membership type & application (if you are not sure please contact us on

Rally Members - Riders  Under 18 or riders 18-25 who will be attending weekly rally nights.

Adult or Non Rally -  All Riders over 25 and younger riders who only want to utilise the grounds


Payment Options: The Pay Now Button takes you to a secure payment option to pay by Credit or Debit Card - please note this incurs a 4% surchange, or click on the Submit Now to submit your application and pay by direct credit into our bank account.   Cheque or cash payments can be accepted on registration day.

Please note your registration has not been approved (accepted) until payment has been made.

You will still need to swap (or obtain)  a gate/arena key.  Email or contact Connaire on 0274908107 for assistance.