Kaponga Athletic Club

Welcome to the Kaponga Athletic Club registration page 2017/18

The current membership season runs from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018

** For all members, please ensure that you read the following instructions before continuing**

For all athletes from aged 6 and under and volunteers, please complete registration and payment online using a debit/credit card.  Should you not have a credit/debit card you can make payment and registration on registration night.

For all other athletes; registration and payment is required to be completed at registration night.  Otherwise you will be charged the $40 Athletics New Zealand Fee not our fee of $30.00.  We accept payment of cash and cheques.

Please contact Louisa if you have any other questions.

New Members- 0-6year olds

Click “Registration” and fill out the form
You can register and pay online via credit or debit card.

Existing Members- 0-6 year olds

Log in and select ‘Renew’ to update your membership for the current season.
Once Logged in- You can update your personal details (click edit details next to your current subscriptions) and select which communications you would like to receive (manage distribution lists).

Transferring clubs-

Please speak to the club before trying to use this membership portal

Payment Details-

0-6 year olds can pay online via debit/credit card or on a club night.

7 year olds and older can register at registration night.   


0-6 Year Olds  $15.00
7-14 Year Olds

** Please ignore the $40.00 that is advertised on the registration/renewal page

15 and Over  $55.00  
Volunteer $0.00

Payments to be received by 5th November 2017.

Having Problems- 

Retrieve your password if you have forgotten it- Click “Forgotten your Password” or contact Louisa