Rejoov Runners

Welcome to Rejoov Runners, an affiliated club with Athletics NSW. We are a well established running club based in Sydney. Our club consists of ANSW runners (seniors & juniors) and our group and online runners. All doing awesome in achieving their road, trail running, track & cross country goals across widespread levels (beginner to advanced and the elite) and distances (3k to 100k+). We are family friendly and all sessions cater for kids from 5yrs to adults of all ages. 

We focus on your personal goals and optimising your potential in a fun and encouraging environment. You can race competitively at the top end or just take part and enjoy participating with your friends & family. The kids get a real kick out of running with mum or dad either at training or in the events! 

Our vision is to enable families & runners of all ages & levels become more involved in track & cross country. Those events that had perhaps seemed "daunting" are actually a lot of fun & are wonderful achievements for everyone. Track & cross country events are lighter on the joints than just road racing all the time. We love road racing, but it's fantastic to mix things up. You can keep fit, healthy & run happy all year round! 

Running & racing is a way of life for head coaches Greta & Chris Truscott and it only seemed natural when Rejoov Runners group took shape in Sydney’s beautiful Centennial Park in 2008. 

Jump in casually or monthly with our group sessions in Centennial Park or ES Marks track in Sydney, or contact Greta & Chris to develop your personalised online running program. Your goals matter to us. All group sessions and programs are adjusted to suit you.

Session times:

Speed work Tues 6am, Thurs 6am & Sat 7am in Centennial Park; Thursday 5.45pm ES Marks Track

Long runs Sundays 7am Centennial Park

Soft sand Coogee Beach Wednesdays 6.15am 

QP Kids & Teens running group Thursdays 4.15pm Queens Park (throughout term time and school holidays)

Happy running!  

Greta Truscott (B.OT,AthsAusLvl2,PTcert4,DipRemMass) & Chris Truscott (B.Com,AthsAusLvl2)

Rejoov Runners - Coaches & Directors