2018 Hockey SA Fee

Hockey SA contributes a portion of all individual registration fees towards: 

  • Maintenance of the State Hockey Centre to an international standard that encourages National and International tournaments.

  • Development and management of SA State team programs.

  • Investment in the promotion and marketing of the sport across the state.

  • Visiting schools and running hockey programs to encourage participation at club level.

  • The development of coaches, umpires and technical officials.

  • Running events such as state championships, including the State Country Championships and the Zone and U13 State Championships.

  • Advocacy to government for the development of facilities and pitch installations for clubs and regional associations.

  • Advocacy for the sport through all levels of government.

  • Building corporate partnerships for the delivery of the sport in South Australia.

2018 Hockey SA increase in fee

In 2018 we were faced with the difficult task of the calculation and implementation of the various fees and charges that are levied both on participants and clubs. 

For to hockey to remain sustainable, it is unfortunately necessaryto increase fees. For many years the hockey SA state and National levies have been below what is required to ensure this sustainability. Click here to read a message form CEO Peter Churack, including a comparison of other state and territry hockey state levies.

Quick facts: 

  • The Hockey Australia (HA) levy had not been increased in 17 years.
  • The HA levy and participant insurance levy are set and payable to HA and insurance provider JLT. No revenue from these levies remains in Hockey SA.
  • State hockey sporting organisations (SSO) will now have to pay HA levy on 8 years and above (previously only from 9 years and above).
  • Hockey SA (HSA) will absorb this levy for all Under 9 participants to continue to foster growth and participation in this grass roots age group. 
  • The HA levy, as advised in January, for Junior players has increased from $10 to $15 and seniors from $10 to $25. Click here to read the Hockey Australia.
  • The Hockey SA ‘Juniors playing Senior levy’ was introduced in 2017 after questions in previous years whether a junior playing seniors ought have a junior or a senior membership. This is priced at the mid-point between junior and senior fees.
  • The HSA Senior component of the total levy has remained relatively constant over the last 8 years, being $49 in 2011 to now $60 in 2018.
  • Insurance is now applicable to all registered players, and is charged at $10 per participant.