Rural Athletics Centre


Registrations for the 2019/20 season are now OPEN!

The registration process includes Member Protection declarations you are required to agree to in order to register.  There is also a question asking for Consent to Use Images.


For New Members:

Please click on the REGISTRATION button above & proceed as prompted.  Please use your postal address details.


Renewing RAC Members:

Click on the LOGIN button on the top right hand side of this page and enter your email address (Username) and password. If you are unsure of the email address against your account please contact Use the Forgot Password link to reset if necessary.

Once logged in you will notice the 'login' button now appears as your name or the primary member if multiple people are registered on the one email account. You can hover over your name and you will see 'Member Home' and other linked account members names**. If you need to change your details, click the EDIT DETAILS button alongside the Subscription information and amend as required. 

Click the RENEW button and continue through the process selecting the appropriate membership and entering details through to completing payment as required (see below for further payment instructions).

** Family or people using the same email account should be able to view all the 'linked' members on the account once logged in. To add a new member to an existing email, go through the registration process & select to add another member to the account.


Masters Affiliation Fee

Members 30 years+ can now pay their Masters Affiliation fee through the RAC portal. This needs to be paid if you intend to compete as a Master, particularly at Australian, Oceania or World Masters Athletics Championships. 


Arafura Stadium training fee

If you are training at Arafura Stadium at anytime, whether with a squad or on your own, you are required to pay a track user fee direct to Athletics NT.  Copy the following link into your browser, login using the same details as for the RAC registration portal and proceed by selecting the appropriate Track Fee for your age group.


Submit Only v Pay Now Subscriptions

Members selecting a Sports Voucher subscription type, or Coaches, Officials or Volunteers are required to select Submit Only at the payment screen.  All other subscriptions require payment by credit card or PayPal at time of registering by selecting the Pay Now button.  Please note however, whilst the system allows you to register more than one person in the one transaction, you may not be able to do if selecting mixed payment types. In this case you will have to process each membership type separately.



Your registration fee includes insurance through Athletics Australia.  Please go to this web address if you wish to find out more