Drouids Hockey Club

Welcome to the Drouids Hockey Club's 2019 Registration Portal!


To complete your 2019 registration, follow these steps!  Also, scroll down for a few important messages...

Step 1:

Click on the Registration button in the main menu


Step 2:

Choose your subscription type.  

The subscriptions on this page are those produced by Hockey Victoria. A subscription must be chosen and paid for before any player is able to play in any competition.


Step 3:

Enter your email address.

If already registered with another club this year you must use the same email address to register with The Drouids under all circumstances.
If you provide the email address used to register in previous years, the system should recognise it and allow you to retrieve a password.  (It will then auto fill out many of your details - Please check through these to make sure they are current and correct)
You can then use this to continue the registration with a pre-populated form to check and submit.


Step 4:

Follow the prompts to complete/verify the personal information, and then the questions and declarations page.

Some information is mandatory, other information is optional.  Please complete all information you think is relevant.


Step 5:

At the 'cart', you can choose to:

Add another registration (useful for familes)
Pay Now (Credit Card Only)

Please note the following guidelines:

Junior Registrations:- Junior registration forms should be completed by a parent/guardian.  

The email address provided in the player registration will be used for club communications. It is monitored regularly and it may be more appropriate that a parent/guardian email is used.

Parents/guardians of junior players should also register themselves as a Parent of Junior Player (unless they are also playing, in which case they should register themselves as a player).  There is no cost associated with this.  Please note that you will be required to fill out the same form as players, but can choose not to complete the non-mandatory fields (e.g. Doctors details).


Instalment payments or other arrangements:

If you wish to set up instalment payments or another arrangement for your Drouid player fees, please complete the registration process as set out above, selecting the appropriate Subscription for your season fees. You will be required to pay the HV registration fee.