University of WA Senior Hockey Club

This portal is for Senior registrations only. 


EXISTING UWAHC PLAYERS - Your login details will be the email address and password used when you registered for the 2017 season.

Click on to "Registration" to begin your re-registration process.

PLAYERS NEW TO UWAHC - Click on to "Registration" your registration process.  

Registration does not guarantee a place in the club, the Senior Coordinators will contact you in due course to confirm.



Please ensure that in addition to your subscription, you also select the yellow "SENIOR PLAYER - 2018 Hockey WA Club Registration" box.

You will receive two confirmation emails.



UWA Social Student members DON'T need to select the "SENIOR PLAYER - 2018 Hockey WA Club Registration" box and will only receive one confirmation email.




Fees are due by 16 April 2018.




"UWAHC - It's not just a club, it's a lifestyle!"