MHSOB Hockey Club




  • This year each member is required to pay their Hockey Victoria membership individually
  • Under 10s ($43) Juniors ($65) and Seniors ($90) - based on age (i.e. under and over 18)
  • This payment MUST be made ONLINE at the time of registration
  • You should select only ONE of the BLUE subscription types (those are the Hockey Victoria types) when registering for MHSOB Hockey Club
  • This applies equally if you are playing for two clubs in different competitions (you would select one in each clubs registration)
    • In your primary club you would select the "HV Senior" or "HV Junior" subscription, and in your secondary club you would select the "HV Dual" subcription


  • MHSOB HC offers two ways to pay your club subscriptions:
  1. Online through this portal
  2. Via direct bank transfer, cheque or cash
  • If you are going to pay online, you should select your Club Subscription (based on team, age and concession status) AT THE SAME TIME as you select your HV Membership subscription
  • In this way you can avoid registering twice, and process all your subscriptions in the one transaction
  • Please be advised that online payments incur a 4.4% processing fee which is charged by the system provider
  • If you wish to pay via another method, then you must:
  • FIRST: Register and Pay for Hockey Victoria membership using a VISA or DEBIT card online (if this is not possible for you, please contact
    • You must register with HV in order to be eligible for team selection during the season and to be covered by insurance
  • SECOND: Register and (at the end) select "SUBMIT ONLY" your Club Subscription
  • In this way the treasurer will issue you an invoice that can be paid by Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash to a Committee member. 


If you are a renewing member, your email address will be stored in the system with a password. 

  • You must log in with your email and password
  • If you cannot remember it, you can automatically reset it following the standard prompts
  • If you cannot remember your email address you should email for advice
  • Most of your details will be carried over from previous subscriptions. You will only need to fill out changes in details and accept member declerations

If you are a new member, you will be able to set up a membership account by filling out the blank registration.


If you have any queries please use the following resources:

If you are still stuck or have any further questions please contact:

Caleb Griffiths
0425 714 716