2018 Junior Registration Information


To complete your registration please note the following 

1.  As a junior player, you must first select the Subscription type "Junior Player - 2018 Hockey WA Club Registration". 

2.  You can then select the year group you will play in. Note this is based on school year, not age.

3. Goalkeepers in Year 5/6 and above should only select the Hockey WA subscription from point 1 and the concessional goal keeper subscription which applies to them. Do not select a year group.  

4.  If you have registered in previous seasons then your user name will be your email address.  

5.  Note that all players are required to register in their correct school year group. Requests to play in a different year group are subject to approval by the junior committee and should be directed by email to wasphc.jnrregistrar@gmail.com for consideration.

6. Minkey is for children in Pre primary to Year 2. Grads is for Year 3 and 4. If a Year 3 has not played before and would prefer, they may choose Minkey.


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If you have any questions on the process please contact our junior registrar, Alan Brown by email wasphc.jnrregistrar@gmail.com. 



Early Bird Registration fees for the 2018 season, for fees paid prior to the end of April 2018 are:

Age Group        Amount

Minkey/Grads       $120

School year 5/6     $200

School year 7/8     $220

School year 9/10   $240

School year 11/12  $260


Registration Fees from 1st May 2018 onwards are;


Age Group        Amount

Minkey/Grads       $140

School year 5/6     $220

School year 7/8     $240

School year 9/10   $260

School year 11/12  $280


Fees are waived for Goalkeepers with their own gear. For those using club provided gear, there is a 50% discount.  

For juniors who are also playing seniors there is an additional fee of $120.

If returning members register and pay by Friday 10 February, then they secure their spot before we open up registrations to new players.

A turf levy will apply to teams (usually 7/8 teams and older) playing 50% or more of their games on turf. This has become necessary to cover the ever increasing cost of turf hire for training sessions for turf based teams. We have taken this approach rather than an increase across the board so as not to penalise grass based teams. This fee will be charged closer to the start of the season once we know final team gradings and subsequent turf game allocations from Hockey WA. The levy will be $50 per player for turf based teams.

**** Note that this cost does not cover stadium/ground entry fees which are charged to participating teams separately by each location on game day.

Non payment of fees or turf levy will result in the player not being eligible to play in finals.



There are a number of different payment options available this year. They are:

Use the online payment facility at the end of the registration process. Note this has a 4% credit card fee
Use the online payment facility on the WASPS website http://www.wasphockey.asn.au, note that this has no additional fees. There is also the option to pay by 5 monthly instalments.
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) may be made direct to club’s bank account: Bank: ANZ Branch: South Perth BSB: 016 452 Number 4271 90528 (Please ensure that your name is included in the details so that payments are identifiable)
We will have an EFTPOS machine available at the registration day on 10 February 2018 10am - 1pm at Just Hockey in Burswood 
Pay by cash or cheque either at the registration day or by mailing to ; Wesley South Perth Hockey Club, PO Box 85 South Perth WA 6951