2018 Senior Registration Information


To complete your registration please note the following 

1.  You must first select the Subscription type "Senior Player - 2018 Hockey WA Club Registration" or "Master Player - 2018 Hockey WA Club Registration" depending on whether you are playing Masters or Seniors.  If you are playing both then select both.  If you are already registered with another club select "Dual Registration - 2018 Hockey WA Additional Club Registration".  Please note this is registration with Hockey WA not the Club.

2.  To register with the Club you now need to select the subscription type applicable to yourself. Please ensure you read all subscription types carefully and select the appropriate one.  If you have any issues or are not sure what category to nominate please contact the Club Treasurer at wasphc.finance@gmail.com before making any selections.

3.  If you have registered in previous seasons then your user name will be your email address.  

4. Senior members in eligible subscription categories who have paid their fees (either in full or who have commenced a payment plan) by 30th April 2018 will be eligible for Bar Vouchers.

5. Senior members who pay their fees (or commence a payment plan) after 30th April 2018 will not receive bar vouchers and will incur a $50 late fee.

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There are a number of different payment options available this year. They are:

Use the online payment facility at the end of the registration process. Please note this is not a Club facility but is run by Hockey Australia and will incur a 4% credit card fee (the Club doesn't not get this fee nor does it have any input as to the fee charged) 
Use the online payment facility on the WASPS website www.wasphockey.asn.au, there are no additional fees associated with this service. You may also pay by 5 monthly instalments (payment plan).
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) may be made direct to club’s bank account: Bank: ANZ Branch: South Perth BSB: 016 452 Number 4271 90528 (Please ensure that your name is included in the details so that payments are identifiable)
Pay by cheque either at the Club House or by mailing to ; Wesley South Perth Hockey Club, PO Box 85 South Perth WA 6951