Camberwell Hockey Club

Welcome to the 2018 Camberwell Hockey Club - Hockey Victoria Registration

Registrations for the 2018 Hockey Victoria Winter Season is now open.

Hockey Victoria requires all players to be registered before they can play in the 2018 Summer and Winter Season.

In 2018 every individual wishing to be registered with Hockey Victoria must pay HV directly.  As per last year, SNHC entry will be included in HV membership, and access to the SNHC will be on presentation of the 2018 HV Digital Membership card. This membership covers (i) the Hockey Victoria levy, (ii) Hockey Australia levy, (iii) Personal Accident Insurance and (iv) Entry into the SNHC.  Payment to HV can only be made with a Visa or Mastercard

Once again members will be issued a digital membership card, which is downloadable to a smart phone. To access the SNHC, without payment of a gate entry fee, playing members will need to scan their DIGITAL membership card on entry to the facility. Should a playing member not have access to a smart phone to use a DIGITAL membership card, there will be an option to request a physical card for a fee which covers the cost of the physical card and related postage and administration.

HV Membership Pricing 2018
$43.00 - Junior U10 as at 31/12/17
$65.00 - Junior (10 to 17 as at 31/12/17)
$90.00 - Senior (Over 18)
$20.00 - Supporter Membership (via separate Membership Portal)

$10 - HV Indoor Playing Membership (payable per term)

NB players only need to pay one fee to HV e.g. a Junior playing Seniors only pays HV once (as a Junior). A player playing Masters and Seniors, only pays HV once (as a Masters).

Existing Members to CHC: You must “Login” [on RHS of menu] using your registered email address* and password. If you do not know your password you can reset it via the "Login" page. Once you have logged-in, you should then select "Renew". Please do not select "Registration" before logging in as this will create a duplicate record if you are an existing member.
* The accounts of members who shared a common email address have been linked. The password for the linked account will be the existing password of one of the members of that linked account. If you cannot login (by trying each member's existing password), you can reset the password via the "Login" page. 

New Members to CHC:  If you wish to create a new account, you will need to complete a new "Registration".   If you wish to add a new member to the account of an existing member, the existing member must "Login" (as above). After selecting the appropriate subscription, you will then be given the option to "Add Another Person To This Account".
Select one of the HV member types depending on the main competition you will be playing.

New Members transferring from another club: Before you can register a transfer from your existing club needs to be approved.  Please contact our Club Administrator - Narelle Richardson - to arrange -

Club subscriptions are also required. You will be advised by your Section (Juniors, Men or Women) on the process to be followed in 2018.