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North East Hockey Club is now accepting registrations for Minkey and all levels in the Junior, Senior & Masters Hockey SA Competitions

Are you registering with NEHC?
Please read the notes below and then click on the Registration link at the top of this page to commence the registration process.

Do you wish to update your contact details?
Click on the Login link at the top of this page and enter your email address and password to login and then update your details. If you do not know your password click on the "Forgotten Your Password" link to reset it.


  • Subscriptions - When registering, please take a little time to familiarise yourself with the info detailed in the various Subscription choices as many of the terms and conditions and fee arrangements have been amended or updated to suit this new system.

  • Email Address & Password - The registration system requires you to provide a current and valid email address. When you enter your email address you may be informed that your "email address already exists", if this is the case, enter your password (if known) or click on the "Forgotten Your Password" link. You will then receive an email which will provide you with a link to reset your password. Once you have done this return to the Registration form, enter your new password & this will then populate the registration form with your existing details for you to confirm or update.

  • Linked Family Accounts - New Members Complete the registration for the primary account holder and prior to selecting "Pay Now" or "Submit" select "add another registration" and complete all details for each additional family member's registration in turn before finally selecting "Pay Now" or "Submit".

  • Linked Family Accounts - Existing Members Login using the link above and once you have entered the Registration page and selected the appropriate subscription for the new family member the option to "Register another person to this account" will become visible on the right hand side of the page, select this option and proceed to complete all details for each new family member in turn. Please note that the option to link family members with individual email addresses is not yet available.

  • Mandatory Questions - Hockey SA have a number of questions that mandate / demand an answer, where an answer is not known or required please simply type N/A eg wherere they ask List Medical Conditions/Allergies/Vaccinations?  Type "N/A" if you have no condition or allergy

  • Payment - All players must be registered with the NEHC prior to season commencement. We ask that wherever possible you assist our fee collection activity by settling your membership fees immediately upon the completion of the registration process. For your convenience, this may be done by selecting "Pay Now" and paying online via Credit Card or alternatively, select the "Submit" option and pay offline by way of direct deposit to Bendigo Bank, BSB 633-000, Account 148395189. Please be sure to include the name of the account as "North East Hockey Club". Please also advise that payment has been made by emailing clearly identifying the player for whom payment is being made.

  • Terms & Conditions - Membership is subject to your acceptance of the NEHC Membership Terms & Conditions which may be found here

  • Dual Registrations - If you are seeking to register with a second Competition Club (Metropolitan or Regional Association) for the purpose of playing in a different competition (ie seniors with one club and masters with another), you must nominate your Primary Club at the time of registration and complete the Dual Registration Form located on the Hockey SA website.

  • Clearances - A player who is currently registered with another club, or has been registered with another club in the previous three years, is required to obtain a clearance from that club before registering to play for NEHC. Please visit the Hockey SA website for more information.

  • Supported Internet Browsers - IMG STG recommends using Google Chrome or Firefox when using the One Sport Technology Console or front end portals. The recommended browsers are well supported, safer and provide a better a user experience. In line with industry standard, IMG STG also supports Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11. If you are experiencing difficulties viewing One Sport Technology on IE please upgrade your browser to a later version of IE, or preferably to Google Chrome or Firefox.

  • More Info - Please appreciate that, like any new system, there may be some teething issues experienced during the introduction phase, so we’d appreciate your patience and cooperation should this be the case. For more information or further enquiries please contact the Club Registrar by emailing