Forestville Hockey Club


Welcome to the 2018 Season

All players need to register their membership through this portal to be eligible to take the field in 2018.

All members must select and pay the Red Hockey SA membership before they are eligible to take to the field in 2018.
Hockey SA Memberships are found at the bottom of the Registration tab.


Returning Members

If you are a returning member from 2018, please click on the Login button to the right above, and using your email entered last year, proceed to the subscription page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select and pay the RED Hockey SA Membership. If you are unsure of your membership type, please check with your coach or team manager. Once you have selected your Red Hockey SA membership you will need to select your Forestville membership type. (If you have forgotten the email address you used last year please contact the secretary at

New members

If you are new to Forestville, please click on the Registration button above and proceed to register for the season.  You will need to scroll to the bottom of the subscription page to select and pay the RED Hockey SA Membership. You will then need to select you Forestville Membership. If you are unsure of your membership type, please check with your coach or team manager. Please note if you have played with another hockey club in the last three years, you will need to contact the secretary of FHC at  to complete the clearance process prior to registering with Forestville.

Non Playing Parents registering their children to play and Associate membership option

In 2018 we are introducing a $10 Associate membership category to allow parents to be voting members of the club for which their children play. If you wish to take this up, please click on the Registration button above and proceed to register for the season as a 2018 Associate Member (non playing/social member) subscription type and complete your details.

If you select this option then once you have completed your subscription select the option to create a new linked member and complete the subscription process for each child you wish to register.

If you don’t wish to join as an Associate Member then please follow the instructions as for Returning members or New members but registering your child/children as the member.


Policies and Declarations

There are a number of policies and declarations which you will need to accept to complete your registration.  Please take the time to read these carefully, as you will be bound by these as a condition of your registration. The Forestville Hockey Club Membership Subscription Policy is available on on our website.



Fees have been set by the Management Committee for 2018 in line with the Constitution and the Membership Subscription Policy (copies available on the website). The Committee approved all fees for 2018 reflecting the costs in registering teams, hiring pitches and club operating costs. Club fees for 2018 have been kept the same, or reduced for M3-M6 players. The Committee continues to pursue other revenue raising activities to keep playing fees as low as possible.

Fees can be paid at the time of registration by Visa or Master Card (please note this will incur an additional transaction fee), or you can choose to be sent an invoice and then payment can be made by direct deposit, cash or cheque (Click on the “Submit Only” button to utilise these payment options).

You must pay the HSA player registration fee separately. Unfortunately the HSA registration fee has increased this year, but these fees are set by Hockey SA and are outside of the club’s control. Please tick both the relevant HSA fee (red print) and the Forestville Membership type on the Registration Page.


If you would like any other information regarding our Club please refer to our website, or contact us at


Good luck for the upcoming season!